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Lifeless Planet is a 'Cinematic Sci-Fi Adventure Game,' needs your funding

The description alone of this indie action-adventure project was nearly enough to secure our funds: "While seeking life on a distant planet, a skeptical astronaut discovers an abandoned Russian laboratory and suspects his mission is a hoax until a mysterious young woman saves him from a strange and deadly phenomenon..."

Let's run down the bullet points:
  • Distant planets: These are quantifiably better than close planets which, we think we speak for everyone here, are totally boring.
  • Skeptical astronaut: This ain't no "yes man." Despite years of rigorous training for his task, our astronaut has managed to still question authority.
  • Abandoned Russian lab: Cold War intrigue? Yes, please!
  • Hoax mission: Now we're getting a whiff of something else? Is that conspiracy theory? Black comedy? We can't quite tell, but we like it.
  • Mysterious young woman: Some of you might be into the "young woman" part but we're far more interested in the "mysterious" part. Who is she?
  • Strange and deadly phenomenon: Alright, we're hooked! What's going on?
If you, like us, want to know more, then you'll have to pony up. Developer David Board is soliciting funds for Lifeless Planet on his Kickstarter page. A $10 donation nets you a preorder of the game for PC or Mac, while larger donations net you things like a poster, beta access, a t-shirt, a figurine, and even an in-game ad. We would totally get a billboard for our law firm, "Itsahoax, Dontfollowher, & Turnaround, LLP."

[Thanks, David.]

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