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Newest producer's letter for Final Fantasy XIV talks patch release

Eliot Lefebvre

Whether or not you've liked the direction Naoki Yoshida has chosen for Final Fantasy XIV, it's hard to fault him for communication. His letters to the community have become a regular event, and even in the briefest installment he finds the space to share some interesting developments. The newest letter, for instance, is definitely on the shorter side, but it also confirms a target date of September 30th for the launch of the game's next major patch.

Patch 1.19 is heavily anticipated by players, bringing with it chocobos, new content, and a variety of other systems. And not only is Yoshida planning to release the notes for said patch early, but the letter also hints at another major update -- the addition of another 100 item slots for characters and 50 more for each retainer, greatly expanding each individual's storage capacity. While the letter also notes that the patch may be delayed by a few days depending on the final round of testing, it should be enough for FFXIV players to see that the team is hard at work on the patch.

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