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Urgent help needed to resurrect Mega Man Legends 3, says local paper ad


You can't squash the spirit of "100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3," an online activist group that hasn't yet amassed its titular display of quantitative strength. The message is already reaching far and wide through a dedicated blog, Facebook page and coverage on outlets like this one, but what of the inattentive, uninformed supporters-to-be in Lagrange, Topeka and Shipshewana, Michigan?

Group member Paul Barrett posted a photo of his own grassroots effort to override Capcom's culling of Mega Man projects. "Urgent help needed!" reads the ad, placed in Tuesday's issue of The Gateway Shopper, a paper local to Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana. It politely asks for help in undoing the events of "the worst day in gaming history."

Even if only an (utterly optimistic) eighth of newspaper readers join the cause -- it appears The Gateway Shopper has a current circulation of 9,838 -- the group must still inch its way toward the halfway mark of 50,000 supporters. Of course, now that the paper's online, its effect has been considerably magnified.

Hey, don't blame us for digging out a speck of hope. We're already disheartened that, for many people, MML is gradually devolving into FML.

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