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    Daily iPad App: Demibooks Composer


    One of the great Apple products many years ago was HyperCard, which allowed non-programmers to easily build interactive "stacks" with many linked pages (cards). Now a new iPad app, Demibooks Composer (free) brings a similar capability of easy creation to anyone who would like to publish an interactive iPad book and sell it on the App Store.

    You can learn the basics of Demibooks Composer in just a few minutes through a built-in tutorial. Once you're done with the tutorial, looking at the three built-in projects is a great way to learn even more about how certain effects were accomplished. The sample projects include two interactive children's books and a chess puzzle game, all using sound, graphics, and element physics in different ways.

    While HyperCard required some coding to achieve fancy effects, Demibooks Composer is completely code-free. Objects are moved and resized through standard gestures, and at any time during development of a project, you can preview how things are going to look or act with just a single tap on a preview button.

    For people who are thinking of developing a lot of projects, Demibooks Composer thoughtfully provides Dropbox support for online backup or sharing of project files. Once your project is completed, it can be published on the App Store through an upcoming service called "PrintShop." Prices will vary depending on the level of service you want, starting at US$499. You'll also need to have an Apple iOS Developer account.

    There's a overview video of the app below that shows just how easy it is to use Demibooks Composer to create interactive projects, but the best way to get familiar with this powerful creation app is to download it. It's available for free during the introductory period, so get it now and see if it's right for you.

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