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'iNVADERCADE' turns your iPad into a tiny Space Invaders machine


We really, really want to like Square Enix's new iNVADERCADE. The iPad arcade cabinet peripheral is basically the same idea as the iCade, but modeled after a vintage Space Invaders cabinet. It allows you to play (supported) iOS games using a real joystick and button, includes speakers and a headphone port, and charges your iPad while you use it. Square Enix is even promoting the (approximately) £150 peripheral with the spot-on retro "show" above.

So why are we conflicted about the device? Well, for one thing, it's called the "iNVADERCADE," complete with annoying capitalization. For another, it has only one button, limiting its utility for arcade-style games, especially compared to the iCade's eight. Maybe you're not buying one of these to be practical.

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