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Lineage II update talks auction house, Goddess of Destruction zones, and more

Jef Reahard

Lineage II's latest expansion has been in the works for a looooong while, or at least it seems that way. Every time we see a new post about the game, we get our hopes up and then wonder when we'll actually get to play Goddess of Destruction instead of read about it.

Alas, today's news isn't a release date, but at least the official Lineage II website has updated with some interesting tidbits about the new content. The GoD expansion is finally bringing an auction house to the seven-year-old fantasy title, and consequently players will no longer need to clutter up various town squares with their AFK store bots. There's also a bit of insight into the new awakening process that level 85 players will experience prior to their journey toward the new level cap. Finally, there are some details about two of the new zones coming with the patch, and Shilen's Altar and Ye Sagira both look to open up exciting new adventuring areas for denizens of Aden.

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