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Risk: Metal Gear Solid sneaking out sometime soon


Metal Gear Solid and the board game Risk are fusing in some intricate collaboration that we'd fully explain to you, but it would require a 90-minute cut scene. Here's the basic premise of Risk: Metal Gear Solid: players control one of five Private Military Companies vying for global dominance, by using a variation of the Risk 2008 rules update.

The game board consists of the standard six zones and 42 territories, along with an Outer Haven battleship addition. There are also 275 custom plastic pieces representing the five PMCs, neutral armies and cities; 8 Boss Cards, 40 Drebin's Cards, 42 Territory Cards and 8 Rewards that can be earned.

The board game will be available exclusively through, beginning "presale" on October 3 for $50. No official launch date has been given. In the meantime, you can always play Risk: Halo Wars.

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RISK®: Metal Gear Solid® Limited Edition Game Puts A New Twist On Strategic Conquest Themed Board Games

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Sept 22, 2011 – Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced a mercenary-style board game created from the blockbuster franchise Metal Gear Solid called RISK®: Metal Gear Solid® Limited Edition. Available for Presale October 3, 2011, exclusively online at, Metal Gear Solid Risk Limited Edition will price out at $49.95.

"Metal Gear Solid builds on the modernized and streamlined RISK game play introduced in 2008 with all new Metal Gear Solid components to create a unique, fun and fast paced experience for RISK and Metal Gear Solid Fans alike," said Adam Sblendorio, Lead Game Designer for USAOPOLY®. "In order to win you'll have to take advantage of Metal Gear Solid specific high powered black market weapons, hire the right mercenary boss at the right time, manage alliances and watch your back as the mobile battleship, Outer Haven, can invade territories from new locations (watch out Australia)."

In the near future, war has become privatized and instigated by third-parties. Metal Gear Solid Risk players command one of the five Private Military Companies (PMCs) who have risen to power and face off against an army of foes. To win, you must launch daring attacks, defend yourself on all fronts and boldly sweep across vast lands.

In any given battle it comes down to economic choice, and the loyalty of each opposing PMC can be removed from the nation they will represent or the ideology they will fight for.

"Metal Gear Solid series fans and military buffs are sure to enjoy the intriguing variations to the Risk: Metal Gear Solid game as they play out an intense crusade for world supremacy," said Careen Yapp, Vice President Licensing and Business Development at Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. "USAOPOLY is a leading developer of some of the world's most famous custom-themed board games and we are delighted to join forces to bring a new strategic conquest game to the table top."

The game board transports players to a Metal Gear Solid saga with a custom designed map of earth that includes six zones and spans 42 territories. Among the game contents are: 275 custom plastic playing pieces representing five private military companies, neutral armies and cities, a custom Outer Haven battleship and game board, 8 Boss Cards, 40 Drebin's Cards and 42 Territory Cards and 8 Rewards that can be earned. The packaging for Metal Gear Solid Risk features custom artwork by Yoji Shinkawa, Art Director of the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

With three different ways to play Metal Gear Solid Risk, beginners new to the Metal Gear Solid franchise and even devoted players can jump right into RISK, the classic board game that set the standard for strategy games. In addition, the three to five players can roll with one of the seven custom dice and move along a massive mobile submersible battleship that occupying forces can use to invade territories once thought safe. The game is designated for players ages 10 and up and is licensed by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. and created and manufacturer by USAOPOLY (under license from the Entertainment & Licensing Division of Hasbro).

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