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UFC Undisputed 3 pre-order bonuses detailed


Four potential fighting favorites will only be accessible as DLC in North America if you pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 through GameStop or EB Games: Nick Diaz, Phil Davis, Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Brian Stann.

If extra fighters aren't your thing, pre-ordering through Best Buy can net you early access to 150 in-game items to use with custom-created fighters. A pre-order at Walmart includes a $10 credit, and also ensures access to the "Ultimate Fights: Knockout Pack," DLC compatible with the game's Ultimate Fights mode, and five of the "most memorable knockouts in UFC history."

Finally, if you go through Amazon or FutureShop you'll get the Ultimate Knockout Artist Boost Pack, which will let you cut corners in the game's Create-a-Fighter mode by granting early access to upgrades that would otherwise take hours to unlock.

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Consumers Presented with Opportunities to Secure Popular New UFC Fighters,

Along With Exclusive Ultimate Fights, Create-a-Fighter Tools and Early Access to New Content

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. - September 21, 2011 - THQ Inc. today announced new details surrounding the company's pre-order retail incentive programs in the United States and Canada for UFC® Undisputed™ 3, the forthcoming installment in the critically acclaimed mixed martial arts (MMA) videogame franchise based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship®. The pre-order programs, including popular new UFC fighters, exclusive ultimate fights, create-a-fighter tools and early access to new in-game content, are currently scheduled for release on the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system as follows (while supplies last):

CONTENDERS FIGHTER PACK: Consumers who pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 at GameStop in the United States or EB Games in Canada will have access to the Contenders Fighter Pack featuring prominent UFC newcomers Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Brian Stann, Phil Davis and Nick Diaz. Miller is currently scheduled to coach opposite fellow middleweight Michael Bisping in The Ultimate Fighter Season 14, premiering Wednesday, September 21 on SPIKE TV, while Stann, a former WEC light heavyweight champion and decorated captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, will face Chael Sonnen in a middleweight division matchup at UFC 136 on October 8 in Houston, Texas. Davis is a former NCAA Division I All-American wrestling champion at Penn State University who boasts a promising 5-0 record in his young UFC light heavyweight career, while Diaz, a former Strikeforce, WEC and IFC Welterweight Champion, will take on BJ Penn in his UFC debut at UFC 137 on October 29 in Las Vegas, Nev.

EARLY ACCESS PASS: Consumers who pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 at Best Buy in the United States or Canada will have early access to a variety of content without spending hours to complete multiple game modes. Players will automatically unlock 150 in-game items for created fighters, including t-shirts, hoodies and caps, as well as a variety of unique nicknames like "The Prince of Pain," "Wild Thing" and "The Bone Collector." In addition, they will have access to new bouts in Ultimate Fights Mode, including Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez (UFC 121), Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin (UFC 115) and Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin (UFC 101), as well as a "Legendary Chuck Liddell" playable fighter.

ULTIMATE FIGHTS: KNOCKOUT PACK: Consumers who pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 on in the United States or Canada will have access to the Ultimate Fights: Knockout Pack featuring five of the most memorable knockouts in UFC history. The Ultimate Fights Knockouts Pack will serve as a complement to the game's Ultimate Fights Mode, a challenge-based system that encourages players to recreate famous UFC fights in order to unlock authentic fight montages, behind the scenes footage and fighter interviews.

ULTIMATE KNOCKOUT ARTIST BOOST PACK: Consumers who pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 at Amazon in the United States or FutureShop in Canada will have access to the Ultimate Knockout Artist Boost Pack, enabling the player to build his or her own specially created knockout artist using instant upgrade tips from UFC Undisputed 3 game designers. This boost to a player's Create-a-Fighter will save an estimated 8-10 hours of gameplay time that would traditionally be spent training the ideal knockout artist.

UFC Undisputed 3 is in development for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 computer system, with a currently scheduled release date of January 2012 in North America. For more information on UFC Undisputed 3, please visit, and

About UFC® Undisputed™ 3

UFC Undisputed 3 will take players inside the virtual Octagon® with focus on intense toe-to-toe combat, impressive visual presentation and significantly increased accessibility, including the debut of PRIDE® Mode, two new weight classes and an impressive playable roster of more than 150 UFC fighters. PRIDE Mode will enable players to fight for the first time in the renowned Japanese MMA organization and include official commentators Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros, authentic environments and notorious MMA rules, including the ability to execute soccer-style kicks, head stomps and ground knees to the head. Finishing an opponent will be more important than ever through devastating new moves, responsive striking controls, refined visual presentation and the introduction of a brand new, graphic-based submission system. In addition, players will now enter the Octagon with a choice between traditional and simplified gameplay control options, enabling them, regardless of skill level, to experience the intensity of UFC and nuances of MMA combat while executing simple standing strikes or more complex ground and transition mechanics.

Players will also experience the excitement of a live UFC event through significant visual improvements, including the introduction of much-anticipated fighter entrances, new camera positions, improved facial animations and a gritty, high contrast appearance. They will enter into battle with an unparalleled choice of more than 150 playable UFC fighters, including talent from the newly added featherweight and bantamweight divisions. Rounding out the virtual UFC experience with a significantly revamped online experience, as well as a variety of new and returning gameplay modes, UFC Undisputed 3 lets players have their fights – their way – to deliver the most intense, competitive and engaging experience to date for the franchise.

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