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Is Otterbox promising support for new two iPhone models? No.


Seen that banner ad (above) on the Otterbox website today? It's certainly creating quite the buzz. Is Otterbox promising the debut of two new iPhone models? It turns out that no, they're not.

We gave Kelly Richardson of Otterbox a call today and she clarified the matter. "We're not even quite sure ourselves," she told TUAW, talking about whether there would be one model or two.

She explained that the ad reflected the current conversations going on in the blogosphere. "Like many, we are watching the rumor sites and using information to plan ahead as much as we can." Otterbox promises support for whatever iPhone debuts, but they're emphatically not stating or leaking anything further. "We do not have any confidentiality agreements with Apple," Richardson told TUAW.

As for those iPhone 4S Otterbox packaging photos that leaked yesterday, she explained, "What was circulating yesterday was not a case image for the iPhone 4S but a packaging design." Otterbox has not identified the source of the photos.

In the end, is Otterbox sneaking a secret message to the people? Richardson said that is not what the banner intended to convey. "We hope to have a product available as soon as possible," she said, "although we do not yet have a date of availability."

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