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Katamari Amore rolls over iPhone, iPad Sept. 29


Namco Bandai is looking to lovingly pick up more App Store sales with Katamari Amore, available September 29 for iOS devices. The second Katamari title for iDevices, Amore will have a free lite version, with the full game requiring customers to roll up $3.99.

Katamari Amore includes 24 missions, with a special Pac-Man-inspired level. It also supports several control methods, including the accelerometer or virtual pad. Namco Bandai is also creating Amore DLC packs, which it plans to push out later this year. After all, in-game transactions account for some 72% of iPhone app revenue!

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KATAMARI Amore, the second iOS Katamari Damacy game (first was i Love
Katamari in 2008), will roll onto iPhone and iPad next Thursday, 9/29.
In the interesting and quirky Damacy series, players control the
Prince as he rolls his Katamari and wraps up various objects to
increase the Katamari's size. Available as a Freemium title, the
upgraded full version will be set at $3.99, a discounted launch price.
The free version will include the Time Attack Mode in Stage 1.

The game totals 24 missions including six completely new stages and
four Mission Modes: Story, Time Attack, Exact Size Challenge and
Eternal Mode. Additionally, one Extra Stage is included with PAC-MAN
making a special appearance. Similar to the original, various control
methods are supported: Accelerometer or Virtual Pad controls, the
latter including single or double virtual pad options. Additional
content packs with past and future stages are in development, set to
release at a later date.

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