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Soulcalibur 5 story mode crafted by Asura's Wrath dev CyberConnect2


The story mode in Soulcalibur V has been elevated in importance, at least on the developer's side. Namco Bandai is working on the narrative component of its upcoming fighter alongside CyberConnect2, the exuberant studio behind Asura's Wrath and the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series.

Andriasang relays the information from Namco Bandai, which claims that CyberConnect2 has been involved with the project since its inception, providing the storyboards and the motion-capture shoots that -- presumably -- explain all the eternally immolated souls and so forth. We imagine CyberConnect2's taken Namco Bandai's draft script and done a find-and-delete on anything that seemed even vaguely plausible. (You have seen Asura's Wrath, right?)

If it's crazy enough, it could be even be a hit for Hollywood and its bizarre compulsion to adapt the game genre where story is of least importance. C'mon, they even did King of Fighters.

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