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Sprint's Motorola Admiral quietly displayed on YouTube as America watches dancing cats

Brad Molen

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It may not have quite as many views as Admiral Ackbar, but a chieftan of Sprint's CDMA-based Direct Connect service was officially outed by the carrier via YouTube earlier. Our device in question, the Motorola Admiral, has now been given a speedy lookover despite the fact that the company hasn't even seen fit to acknowledge its existence otherwise. 'Course, we don't imagine this was accidental in the slightest -- the video of the rugged Android device has been up for several hours without getting pulled -- but it's still a curious way to introduce one of the first phones featuring a brand new service. Regardless, we now have the clearest shots of the portrait QWERTY smartphone that we've seen yet; the two-and-a-half minute teaser didn't list off a lot of specs, but it did confirm the handset's 3.1-inch display and five megapixel camera with LED flash. That should count for something, right? Still, it likely won't be long before we get a real announcement with the full rundown, so just keep yourself entertained by watching the "related videos" section in the meantime. Check out the vid after the break.

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