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3D gaming's approval rating low, blamed on inherited wars and economy


Almost one-third of players think the 3DS's most prominent selling feature -- the 3D -- detracts from the gameplay experience, a survey from research firm Interpret LLC found. The survey asked 1,600 adults if they were aware the 3DS existed (60 percent), and then if they knew it didn't require glasses to view the 3D effects (28 percent). Of those who had played the 3DS, 28 percent said 3D detracted from the gaming experience, compared with 22 percent who thought 3D was an improvement. Thirteen percent played with the 3D turned completely off.

Most respondents, 56 percent, preferred 3D gaming through a console-TV set-up, while only 7 percent said a handheld 3D device was their preference. Players who experienced dizziness or nausea from watching 3D entertainment rose seven percent points from the previous year, to 37 percent.

We expect the 3DS to make a speech some time soon attempting to gain back bipartisan approval, push a new jobs bill and kiss some babies. Not that that always works, but it's what's done.

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