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PSA: European PSP/PS3 maintenance downtime for select titles tomorrow

Jordan Mallory

A quick heads-up for our friends across the pond: Sony will be taking down a combination of 13 games, websites and services between 5 a.m. and 12 p.m. BST tomorrow, September 25, which is about twelve hours from now. Ish. Look, we're not Time Lords, okay? We can barely grasp the concept of timezones as it is.

Sony also says that maintenance may be extended for some titles/services/websites beyond the estimated window for "testing purposes," which we originally read as "testing porpoises," which seemed way more interesting. Click on through for the list of affected titles.

  • Buzz! (PS3)
  • Combat Ops (PSP)
  • EyePet (PS3)
  • Gravity Crash (PS3)
  • HOME
  • Killzone 3 (including website)
  • LBP (PSP)
  • MotorStorm 3 (including website)
  • MotorStorm (PSP) (including website)
  • PSP Comics website
  • SingStar (including website)
  • Super Stardust (PSP)
  • WipEout HD

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