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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is still on that noir tip

Jordan Mallory

It was late. The sun had set on this cold, ravenous town and the city-wide hum of the florescent lights and traffic had given way to the dull roar of sirens and arson fires; a bleak melody this God-forsaken place had become too accustomed to. I had just closed the Payne case, and as I collected the cracked, worn possessions from my desk and made for the door, the phone rang.

"P-please ... please help me," said the voice in the receiver. She sounded terrified. "Th-they want... they say they w-want w-webcomics, lot's of 'em..."

"Webcomics? Lady, who are you? What's goin' on?" The phone went dead, and my head filled with the drone of the dial-tone. There was a lot of stink in that city, and I could already smell that my night was far from over, and that I'd be voting on my favorite comics after the break.

The Egg (Brawl in the Family)
The Backyard (Penny Arcade)
Batman is a Scientist (Virtual Shackles)
Strike One (Awkward Zombie)
The Need For Feeds (No Cash Value)
Rainy Day Rampage (Life In Aggro)
I'm the Guy from the Thing (Super Brophy Brothers)


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