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The Tommy Wi-Show is exactly what we expected and we don't know if that's good


This could just be us, but the rickety, MST3K-inspired spaceship that Tommy Wiseau claims is not his house in the above video looks exactly like the environment he would have grown up in. And the alien? Obviously his voice coach. This isn't a sequel to The Room -- this is Wiseau's new video-game webseries, The Tommy Wi-Show, and he kicks it off (literally) by playing Mortal Kombat.

"Playing" is a loose term here, but he does manage to beat Kung Lao with Sub-Zero, after getting stuck in the PlayStation home screen in the first minute, and before losing to Sonya Blade, mumbling racist, sexist and indistinguishable insults the entire time. This could also just be us, but we half-expected the alien to command Wiseau to do a barrel roll during his play time, and we half-expected Wiseau would try.

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