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These Portal 2 thigh-high bootie socks will kill you with cuteness


Have you seen these things? You may have, once, but most likely your brain's cuteness centers automatically short-circuited and you blacked out, banged your head against the hard wood of your desk, accidentally unplugged your computer's power cord and eventually woke up, dazed, drooling and slightly dumber, with no recollection of these adorable Portal 2 Long Fall booties from J!NX.

Prepare yourself this time, and to guarantee you don't forget them, go ahead and buy a pair. At $10, go ahead and buy five pairs, and wear them all at once, for padding when you look down, realize how cute your lower body is, and you short-circuit, black out and fall. Depending on your height and where you're standing at the time -- 6'4", on top of Mount Rushmore -- that could be a long fall.

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