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Additional footage from Plastic's Move game deepens the mystery


We still don't really know what the Move game is that's being made by Plastic and Sony Santa Monica, but we can now see a second video of it at Eurogamer. Like the previous video, the latest release consists of off-screen footage, mostly of a forest environment with a mysterious floating hand. There's an equally mysterious door in the forest, not connected to anything.

Other footage shows that floating hand in a car, gripping the steering wheel. We're sure the hand is supposed to be some kind of on-screen avatar representing the Move controls, but the effect of being in a car driven by Thing is terrifying. A double image in the video suggests that whatever this is, it will display in 3D.

The video actually consists on two variations of the same scenes, one in which the player-controlled car drives by a pig, and another in which it collides with said pig. "Comparing them will give you all the answers about our upcoming title," Plastic told Eurogamer when it sent the footage. So ... the game is like Quantum Leap, but with a disembodied hand going back in time to save a pig. That's our official guess. Oh boy.

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