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Apple holds talks with Chinese environmental group


Apple is a socially responsible company and holds its suppliers and manufacturers accountable for their environmental practices. Despite these efforts, a Beijing-based environmental group continues to accuse the company of using suppliers that are polluting the environment in China. Apple supposedly met with the environmental group to discuss these concerns.

According to the August report released by the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, Kaear Electronics and Unimircron have been discharging harmful waste from their plants. The report claims the released gas and water waste may have contributed to increased rates of cancer in a nearby village. Japanese manufacturer Meiko Electronics also reportedly dumped copper and nickel waste into a lake in the city of Wuhan, China.

Apple spokesperson Carolyn Wu would not confirm whether these companies were suppliers, but did say "Apple is committed to driving the highest standards of social responsibility throughout our supply base." Apple reportedly meets with these Asian companies on a regular basis, assess their practices and helps them correct any violations.

[Via Computer World]

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