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Flyff World Championship offering prizes to players as the tournament continues

Eliot Lefebvre

Think you're a pretty good Flyff player? We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but your opportunity to call yourself among the best is pretty well fading. The first Flyff world championship is currently ongoing, with the sixteen finalists now competing for the opportunity to be crowned the best team of players in the world. Two teams have already been eliminated, with livestreaming coverage of the events available on the official championship channel.

But maybe you don't consider yourself one of the best in the world and don't usually care about these sorts of events. That's all right -- you've still got reason to enjoy it. Players will receive a special item every day just for logging in, as well as another item for every level they gain, from September 28th until October 31st. It's an all-around excellent opportunity for Flyff fans to enjoy the game, whether struggling for the top spot or just leveling for fun.

[Source: Press release]

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