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iPads in the Cosmopolitan's check-in counter


I'm staying in Las Vegas for a work event this week, and as I checked in to the Cosmopolitan hotel on the Strip today, I noticed something interesting: the check-in counter has iPads embedded in the countertop. You can see a few more shots of the units below -- you can't remove or hold the iPads (obviously), but you can hit the home button, which then takes you to a homescreen with a folder full of "Blocked Apps," and the standard Guest Services app. The Guest Services app is basically a placeholder of the Cosmo's web page, but the other apps work -- someone had written "Hello Vegas!!" into the notes app.

And they're not just for show -- after I gave my ID and credit card to the concierge, he pulled up a screen on the iPad and had me "sign" and approve the purchase with my finger. It was pretty slick.

You can check out a few more quick shots of the console units below. We're seeing iPads in all sorts of places lately -- as a cheap and very customizable touchscreen installation, Apple's tablet can't be beaten.

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