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Rumor: Dead Space 3 plot details leaked


There's not much surprise to be found in the rumored existence of another Dead Space sequel, is there? According to purported plot details published by Siliconera, however, you're in for less of a shock and more of a creeping, unshakeable chill. (Dead Space 3 has not been announced, so beware of potential spoilers beyond this point.)

According to the site's mole, Dead Space 3 dumps perennially imperiled engineer Isaac Clarke on Tau Volantis, a frigid planet blanketed in snowstorms. Donning a snowsuit (with temperature indicated inconveniently on the back?), he attempts to locate lost friends and other signs of humanity. And we can't imagine a bit of unpleasant weather deterring those despicable necromorphs.

The change of location (if accurately reported) sounds intriguing, though we won't hear more until EA decides to announce Dead Space 3 officially. Last we heard, Dead Space 2 had shipped over 2 million copies -- enough to be deemed one of EA's "strong, growing franchises."

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