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Splinter Cell Trilogy infiltrates shelves and PSN on Sept. 27


Following several delays and a European release, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Trilogy is finally set to launch in North America this week on Tuesday, September 27. The high-definition espionage saga should be slipping onto shelves in Blu-ray guise, and in a downloadable bundle on the PlayStation Store. There's no fiscal benefit to the digital version, as Ubisoft says they both cost $39.99.

All three games in Splinter Cell Trilogy support stereoscopic 3D and improved identification with series protagonist Sam Fisher, who must also wear uncomfortable visual gadgetry on his head. The original game, its sequel, Pandora Tomorrow, and Chaos Theory all support native 1080p rendering (though 720p output must be disabled in the XMB for Chaos Theory).

According to the tech-savvy scrutinizers at Digital Foundry, the level of care shown in Splinter Cell's HD update is about on par with the economical work in the Prince of Persia HD trilogy. Its relative condemnation identifies the trio as "very basic conversions" of the PC games with rudimentary interface adjustments. The first two games reportedly perform in "an average manner," multiplayer has been cut, and textures are "disappointing." The standout title, DF concludes, is Chaos Theory, which "manages to acquit itself fairly well six years after its initial release."

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