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Semi Secret publishing Aquaria for iPad


Developer Semi Secret (the folks behind the popular game Canabalt) posted on its blog the company will be publishing Aquaria, a very popular indie game from a few years ago, on the iPad. Aquaria is a really beautiful underwater exploration title, and as you can see by the teaser video released by the team, it looks to be adapted quite well for the iPad, making solid use of the touch interface and the tablet itself, along with a few other new gameplay improvements.

The app is also being worked on by a developer named Andrew Church, who apparently ported Aquaria to the PSP on his own before being contacted for the official iPad port. That's pretty impressive as the game was apparently optimized for the first iPad and thus should run quite well on the iPad 2.

We'll look forward to this one. Semi Secret says there will be more information available on the new port soon.

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