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Senior Art Director Tramell Isaac discusses PlanetSide 2's aesthetic


PlanetSide 2 fans, power down your Exo-Suits and take your fingers off your triggers for just one moment. We've got an incoming transmission that we think may be of interest. In today's comm-link, Tramell "T.Ray" Isaac, Senior Art Director on PlanetSide 2, takes some time to give players a look at what can be expected of the aesthetic of the upcoming title.

Isaac discusses the process of coming up with the various faction colors and designs for the original game and goes on to detail what the team is doing to translate those designs over to the new tech of PlanetSide 2. For instance, the Terran Republic's look is clean, professional, and sleek, whereas the New Conglomerate's aesthetic is considerably more angular and unrefined. Lastly, he takes a moment to touch on the environments players will be seeing in PlanetSide 2, such as the continent of Indar where players will have to battle not only the opposing factions but fierce dust storms as well. For the full comm-link, click on over to the official PlanetSide 2 site.

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