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Tuesday Morning Post: Let's kill Sylvanas edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. While we're all waiting with bated breath for the PTR to drop, there's at least a trickle of patch 4.3 info coming our way. We learned that rogues get to look like Batman, and that the tier 13 set bonuses are sort of weird. It was a pretty slow Monday, however, and as of this writing, we've heard nothing new about when the PTR will open.Hope springs eternal. I'm just hoping the new dungeons are up ASAP, because I can't wait to take out that lady up there, even if it's just as an echo from the future.

Downtime this morning is just a quick series of rolling restarts at 5 a.m. PDT, but whether you're waiting out that quick server restart or waiting for news of the PTR, keep it here with us. We'll have all the news as soon as it breaks. In the meantime, you can catch our usual roundup of the past seven days' news, after the break.

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