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    Cool Bananas SmartShell complements your Smart Cover in TPU


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    The Cool Bananas SmartShell Case for the iPad 2 is a TPU Smart Cover-compatible back cover for the iPad 2 that's available in five different colors.


    The SmartShell provides good all-round coverage including complete bottom, top and side edge protection. There are, of course, the usual cut outs to allow for access to the power button, microphone, headphones port, camera, volume buttons and switch as well as the speaker and dock connecter port on the bottom edge. The SmartShell covers over the bezel on the front of the iPad 2 with a small lip that extends onto the glass boarder of the screen by about 1mm meaning you can lay it flat on the deck without touching the glass.

    Thickness and material

    Cool Bananas have chosen to use TPU for the SmartShell, which is just over 1mm thick and has a textured feel to the back that reminds us of new car seat leather -- a not unpleasant feel to the back of your iPad. The TPU is well manufactured with smooth edges and feels tough and durable. While it's not going to absorb much impact energy, it will certainly keep scratches at bay and provide you with a decent non-slippery feel.

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    The Cool Bananas SmartShell Case is a simple TPU skin that covers all the right areas, feels great in the hand and comes in enough colors, including transparent, to complement your Smart Cover. If you're looking for a TPU skin as a companion to your Smart Cover, the SmartShell deserves to be up near the top of your list and will set you back approximately US$26 plus shipping and handling.

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