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Daily iPhone App: Emissary of War


Emissary of War is a new title from Cedar Hill Games, a studio run by a former Bioware developer who's gotten into mobile development. The game is an action RPG title, and while it is a little short, there's quite a bit of polish here, some fun humor, and a good chunk of intriguing gameplay. You can point and click your hero around the game while hacking and slashing through various enemies, and he has a potion-throwing buddy that will help out both in battle and by healing at the correct times. There's a Rage mechanic for extra attacks, and lots of upgrades and collectibles to find as well. There's Game Center integration for achievements, too, which adds a little extra replayability to the affair.

It's a solid title, and the fact that it's available as a universal app for free means you should probably just go ahead and pick Emissary of War up right away. The free game only includes the first episode, but the second is just 99 cents anyway, which is more than worth it if you get to that point. Emissary of War is an excellent addition to iOS (and Android, incidentally), and we're glad to have Cedar Hill's developer here on the platform.

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