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Frozen Synapse stars in new Humble Indie Bundle


The latest Humble Indie Bundle has only one pay-what-you-want participant -- Frozen Synapse, the "simultaneous" turn-based strategy game from Mode 7 Games -- but exceeding the average price will transform it from misnomer into a proper collection of games.

Paying more than the average price ($4.27 at time of writing) will net you another cold bonus in the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, which offers an assortment of games from the Finnish indie developer. Those include Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, the canceled Jack Claw prototype and a pre-order for the upcoming Splot. Plus: your money can go to Child's Play and The Electronic Frontier Foundation as you see fit.

Since Humble Bundle games work across multiple platforms (Jack Claw excluded), Frozen Synapse makes its debut on Linux, complete with a free copy of the soundtrack. We'd love a chance to listen to it in isolation, as most of the music gets drowned out by our utterances of "oh shit oh shit" when both players execute their plans at once.

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