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How to check if you're eligible for an iPhone upgrade


With a new iPhone or two just around the corner, TUAW has been getting the usual flood of "how can I check to see if I'm eligible for an upgrade" emails. At least for those of us in the US on either the AT&T or Verizon networks, that's a fairly easy proposition. Here's how to see if you'll be eligible for an iPhone upgrade.


For AT&T users, checking eligibility is drop-dead easy. Open the Phone app on your iPhone, tap in the magic code *639#, and tap the Call button. A message appears telling you that "a message will be sent to your phone." Within seconds, a text message arrives with the details of your eligibility (or lack thereof):

In my case, AT&T is offering me an upgrade for $18 and a pair of handcuffs tying me to AT&T for another two years. I bought my iPhone 4 on the first day of availability, and spend a few bucks on my data plan, including a Personal Hotspot tethering plan. Although none of us at TUAW know how AT&T decides who gets an "early upgrade," it seems that the more you spend, the more they like you. Imagine that...


Verizon users need to log onto the Verizon website and go to the My Verizon tab. For each phone, you'll see whether or not you're eligible for an upgrade, and the date that the particular device is eligible.

Many thanks to my colleague Kelly Hodgkins for grabbing the Verizon screenshot for me.

Now that you can tell whether or not you're eligible, you might want to start thinking about how to get rid of that "slightly used" iPhone 4 that is currently in your hand. Just a reminder that and other resale sites are ready and willing to purchase your iPhone 4. Gazelle's current bounty for a 32 GB iPhone 4 in good condition is $169, while a mint condition model bumps your take up to $250.

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