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Hyrule's Market Village getting brought to life in the UK


The Legend of Zelda's iconic Market Village is being brought to life for an upcoming Nottingham, UK game festival, GameCity6. But don't worry about ReDeads, as the real-life recreation won't represent the village from Ocarina of Time's adult Link world, but rather a pastiche of several games.

Attendees can get their fetch questing on with a Triforce piece collection game, they can create swords and shields (we're guessing of the wooden or cardboard variety), and they can even go lips-on with an ocarina. If that weren't enough, you could always hang with the Hyrulian droogs in the LonLon Milk Bar. The entire day is actually dedicated to Zelda-themed activities, so perhaps this is finally a chance to bake those Navi-shaped sugar cookies. After waiting for what seemed like forever, too!

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