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iFixit tears down Apple's Thunderbolt display


iFixit has gone all destructo on Apple's new Thunderbolt display, and the gory details are now available over on their site. They ripped the beautiful monitor apart so you didn't have to, and inside they found the same display seen in the iMac Intel 27" from a couple of years ago, as well as a 49 watt, 2-speaker sound system, a big brushless fan, and a bunch of other impressive digital junk. It sounds like iFixit had a great time -- they say the disassembly didn't require any special tools (just a few suction cups and a couple of Torx screwdrivers) and rated the display 8 out of 10 for repairability.

Not that you'd ever really need to repair these things -- monitors are pretty sturdy unless you're really tossing them around, and Apple is pretty good about handling you for the standard failures and repairs. But it is cool to get a look inside the monitor itself. How surprising that it's filled with so many dohickeys and what zits. As iFixit puts it, "both sides of the logic board are packed with enough chips that it's hard to believe there's no computer inside this display."

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