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OCZ Z-Drive R4 review roundup: this is what 2,800MB/s looks like

Sharif Sakr

Assuming your local laws give you permission to drool, you might want to smack your lips and read on for some expert verdicts of OCZ's enterprise-level 2.8GB/s Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD. If your statutory position is trickier, then maybe just do it quietly?
  • Storage Review: the R4 "blew away the competition in nearly every test by a significant margin," even though it costs just $7/GB -- up to 40 percent less than its rivals.
  • Hot Hardware: benchmarks support the ridiculous speed claims, but thermal sensitivity means the card must be constantly bathed in cool air.
  • AnandTech: it's hard to compare the Z-Drive R4 because no other SSD comes close, but this type of technology has no track record for reliability and may therefore be a hard sell.

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