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Steve Jobs in 1995: "I've got a plan that could rescue Apple"


Yesterday we told you that Fortune was publishing a Kindle ebook called "All About Steve." The ebook is a collection of 17 stories and interviews with Steve Jobs drawn from Fortune's articles. Now, while it's nice that Fortune is collecting all their interviews in one place, its no shock they are doing this either. After all, its previous Kindle-only, Apple-themed title, "Inside Apple," landed on the Kindle top ten bestseller list and earned a boatload of money.

For those of you who don't want to shell out $10.99 for an ebook of reprinted articles, Apple 2.0 editor Philip Elmer-Dewitt has pulled some choice clips from some of the Fortune interviews. The best quote, however, is one that have heard before. In 1995 Steve Jobs told Fortune's Brent Schlender, "You know, I've got a plan that could rescue Apple. But nobody there will listen to me..."

As was always the case, Steve Jobs wasn't just blowing smoke. Just two years later Jobs was back at the company and led the greatest turnaround in corporate history. Apple was transformed from a company on the brink of self-destruction into one of the most respected, recognizable and valuable companies in the world.

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