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WoW Moviewatch: We Three Dwarves


For a while, Oxhorn was doing a great job commemorating each holiday with an Oxhorn short. I guess I never even realized that he was missing Brewfest. Thankfully, Oxhorn did realize it and opted to rectify the issue. This is especially exciting since Oxhorn has been busy with a day job and not able to produce as much machinima as he once had.

I really loved We Three Dwarves. Oxhorn has adapted it into a serviceable, rejoicing song celebrating that finest of adult beverages: beer. I can totally see a rowdy group of friends sitting around Ironforge singing "beer of wonder, beer delight."

My hat's off to Oxhorn for getting this video in right on time for Brewfest. Hopefully, this means that we might get to see more from the musical maestro in the future.
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