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Aliens Infestation dev diary recounts the genesis of a marine (and more)


When it comes to 2D action titles, it seems there's nobody as capable as WayForward. Recent entries in the genre, Contra 4 and Bloodrayne: Betrayal, speak volumes to the company's capabilities -- and, the developer's latest, Aliens: Infestation, seems destined for the same fame. Yet, as easy as WayForward makes it look, developing a stellar 2D action title is anything but.

Director Adam Tierney offered insight via a diatribe on fan site AvPGalaxy, discussing in great detail how he and company came up with these characters. For example, did you know that there are unique bios and art for each of the game's 20 different marines, which are then added to the Extras menu once the player comes into contact with any given marine for later perusing?Interesting stuff!

Head on over to AvPGalaxy for the full developer diary.

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