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Blizzard's not talking about its unannounced MMO at BlizzCon this year, either

Shawn Schuster

Remember that one time when Blizzard accidentally leaked some info stating that it's working on a new MMO (codenamed "Titan"), and we all got excited? And then BlizzCon happened, and we all thought the studio would tell us more, but it didn't? And then remember when that happened the next year, too? Well, it's happening again this year.

In a clarification statement to IGN, Blizzard has confirmed that it will not be discussing the "unannounced MMO" during BlizzCon 2011. This follows a VentureBeat interview with M2 Research senior analyst Billy Pidgeon, who predicted that news of Titan must be breaking at this October's event.

Oh well, we still have emote dance contests and the Foo Fighters, right?

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