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Dell confirms XPS 14z will go on sale in the US in the 'coming weeks'


Remember that XPS 14z Dell teased at IFA? Yeah, well, it's arriving soon. As in, "the coming weeks" soon. The company just confirmed it's on the cusp of shipping here in the states, and while the outfit stopped short of giving a starting price, it's good and ready to talk specs. As we reported last month, it has the same industrial design as its big brother, the XPS 15z, and we're told it, too, measures less than an inch thick (0.9 inches, to be precise). With the 14-incher, though, you'll enjoy LG's Shuriken display, which means we have one narrow bezel to look forward to. Look for it with a Core i5-2430M or Core i7-2640M CPU, NVIDIA Optimus graphics, a slot-loading optical drive, USB 3.0 and a starting weight of 4.36 pounds (that's 4.12 pounds if you upgrade to an SSD). You heard the company -- we'll get the full spill in a few weeks -- but for now, skip past the break for another sneak peak.

Update: You want dimensions? We've got 'em. The XPS 14z measures 13.19 x 9.21 x 0.9 inches (335 x 234 x 23mm).

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