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HTC Holiday hits the FCC, ready to deliver AT&T's LTE to 3-percent of Americans


We're not sure how much longer it'll be before the tiny fraction of Americans that can take advantage of AT&T's LTE network will actually be able to put the HTC Holiday in their hands, but we imagine it won't be too much longer. It looks like the dual-core super-phone just stopped by the FCC to have its radio checked out, and we're happy to report the PH39100 came out unscathed. Though photos and specific branding were missing from the filing, we're pretty confident that this 1700/2100/700 LTE device from HTC is, in fact, the Holiday. We're also certain that Ma Bell is working like mad to get this 4.5-inch beast out the door real soon. Hit up the source link if you're into things like RF exposure reports and label placement diagrams.

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