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Huge crafting changes in store for Final Fantasy's 1.19 patch


Final Fantasy XIV players are still eagerly waiting on the delayed patch 1.19, a patch that seems to grow bigger by the day. If you're into crafting, then 1.19 will be the equivalent of a full-scale renovation of your favorite hang-out spot.

posted the work-in-progress list of 1.19 crafting changes on the Final Fantasy XIV forums, and it is truly a List of Lists. If you like to scroll, then you're going to be in heaven. This comprehensive list includes new recipes, updated and abolished recipes, and all of the changes to places where you can find, buy and sell materials needed.

Several of the new recipes coming with 1.19 won't require as many materials, and fearing an unbalanced economy because of that, the devs have reduced the amount of mats needed for intermediary parts recipes and how much those recipes produce. The devs are also removing the need for copper ingots entirely, as the material will no longer be needed for any recipes.

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