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iPhone 4S appears in Apple's inventory


We really don't know for sure what kind of new iPhone Apple will announce next week, but here's another vote for a revision of the iPhone 4 rather than an all-new iPhone 5. 9to5Mac is reporting that the iPhone 4S has popped up as an entry in Apple's own inventory systems, which seems (if true) like a pretty good indication that Apple will indeed offer a tweaked version of the current iPhone 4.

Perhaps most interesting, the information reportedly found in Apple's inventory is linked up to the Chinese label for an iPhone 4S above. That label appeared a little while ago and has some info on it that might now actually be legit. The IMEI and MEID indications on the label also hint that a 4S would be compatible with the CDMA and GSM networks, which is a rumor that has been around for quite a while as well.

None of this is confirmed, obviously, and even if there is an iPhone 4S, that still doesn't mean Apple isn't also planning to release an iPhone 5. While somewhat unlikely that Apple would split the lines up, there's certainly demand for both phones, and a smaller price on one of them could make the audience even bigger. As usual, we'll have to wait and see what Apple reveals for us next week.

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