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One Shots: Let's party!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Massively reader Redwense is doing his part to bid farewell to One Shots with a screenshot of a party in Lord of the Rings Online. To accompany this image from the 2010 Yule Festival in the Shire, he noted, "Here's a screenshot to thank Massively for such a wonderful column!"

Friday will be the last edition of this feature, but don't fret. One Shots is stepping aside to make room for something new here at Massively, and we think you're going to love it. Watch the site beginning Monday, October 3rd to see what we've got planned!

For now, if you want to make one final contribution to One Shots, you've still got a few days left. Grab your favorite screenshot, add your name and a little bit about the image, send it in to, and we'll feature it in this week's One Shots!

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