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Sony to stop paying for movie theater 3D glasses, theater owners fire back


As if going to the movies wasn't getting expensive enough, now theater owners and studios are fighting over the cost of 3D glasses -- again. Sony Pictures sent out a letter indicating that starting in May 2012, it won't foot the bill for moviegoer's 3D glasses anymore, pushing the charge onto the theater instead. The Hollywood Reporter uncovered the letter and indicates the total pricetag for a major movie like the ones Sony has planned for next summer -- Men in Black III and The Amazing Spider-Man -- can run as high as $5 to $10 million in total. Studios have been covering the cost to help push 3D so far but Sony's declaration could lead to other studios following, and changing to a model where moviegoers buy and keep their own 3D glasses. It'd be nice to think keeper pairs could reduce the surcharge -- or for 3D haters, switch more showings to 2D -- but with a half-full box of candy apparently worth its weight in gold, we're not optimistic.

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