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Steve Jobs reportedly tried to defuse the Samsung issue in 2010


Apple and Samsung butted heads in a Sydney, Australia courtroom on Thursday; arguing over an injunction that could ban the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. During the proceedings, Apple lawyer Richard Lutton revealed that Steve Jobs contacted Samsung back in 2010. The Apple CEO reached out to the Korean manufacturer because of the "deep relationship" between the two companies. Jobs tried to head off any legal action by giving Samsung a "chance to do the right thing."

In the past year, Samsung and Apple have had a rocky relationship. Apple obtains several key iPhone and iPad components from Samsung and is one of Samsung's biggest customers. But the two companies are fierce competitors in the both the smartphone and tablet market. It's this competition that's the source of their legal wrangling.

Apple kicked off the legal battle when it filed lawsuits in Germany, Australia, South Korea, Japan and the US that accuse Samsung of trademark and patent infringement. Samsung responded with its own series of patent infringement lawsuits. This tangled web of legal proceedings is slowly making its way through the courts.

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