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Zombie Driver HD careening into PSN and XBLA

Justin McElroy

We've been so inundated with games that let you kill zombies, we've forgotten that, in many ways, they're just like us, with their own undead hopes and dreams. That's why we're so excited to hear about Zombie Driver HD, coming to PSN and XBLA from Exor Studios. We can't wait to run zombie errands, pick up the kids from zombie school and maybe even buy some imitation brain at the zombie Whole Foods. You know, everyday stuff. We're just about to watch the trailer, so we'll have more refined opinions soon.

... Well, OK, so it looks like "Zombie Driver" actually refers to killing zombies with driving. In fact, this is an expanded version of an existing PC game just with added content like boss fights and a doubly long campaign. So, yeah, that's on us. That's our bad. But hey, at least it's good news for Zynga, which won't have to scrap plans for ZombieErrandsVille for fear of a protracted legal battle.

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