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Apple removes click-wheel iPod games from iTunes


Coinciding with what we've heard about Apple making a product transition in the iPod line -- namely that the iPod classic and shuffle are to be discontinued, -- AppleInsider has pointed out that click-wheel iPod games are no longer available from the iTunes store. Previously, by clicking on the App Store menu in iTunes, there was an iPod Click Wheel Games option which has now been removed.

With Apple's forthcoming media event scheduled for next Tuesday, it's likely the removal of the click-wheel games from the iTunes store is in preparation for the announcement of the discontinuation of the click-wheel model (as well as signalling the end of an era of click-wheel games dating back to the first iPod).

If you've got an iPod classic, or one of the older click-wheel generation iPods, why not give the old wheel a swan song performance over the weekend and take some of the old, classic games (Brick, Vortex, iQuiz to name a few) for a spin.

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