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Daily iPhone App: Where's my Water


Metacritic has released its monthly listings for iPhone and iPad, and right there on top of the ratings charts is the same title currently sitting on top of the paid charts: Disney's Where's my Water?

Where's my Water is by the same team behind Disney's megahit JellyCar, and it features the company's first character ever created just for mobile games: Swampy the alligator. All Swampy wants to do in this one is take a shower, but of course in the sewers where he lives, the pipes are all cut off and blocked up with dirt. So it's the player's job, by scratching dirt off the screen, to guide the water down the screen and into Swampy's shower. There are three ducks to collect in each level (which you can pick up by diverting the water to them), collectibles hidden in the dirt in some areas, and a few other mechanics, including switches, acid water, and even plants that will grow and steal all of your water away.

The game is friendly and colorful, and the water mechanics are really brilliant and well done. The title itself is very similar to Cut the Rope, in look and feel if not in actual physics gameplay. So it's no surprise at all that Where's my Water is worth both the same accolades and the revenue. It's a great title, available right now on the App Store for just 99 cents.

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