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Final Fantasy XIV releases notes for patch 1.19

Eliot Lefebvre

It's going to take another few days before Final Fantasy XIV drops the enormous patch 1.19 onto the live servers, but the patch notes have already been released. And most players will likely agree upon glancing at the extensive list of updates that the patch is well worth the wait. Several portions of the update have already been previewed, ranging from the crafting changes to the battle mechanic updates, but there's also a long list of improvements, additions, and other elements to look forward to.

More details are available regarding the many additions to the Grand Company system, including Company leves, new quests, and the details for obtaining a Company chocobo along with obtaining membership. There's also a listing of new items available, a rundown of the new materia system, and a variety of updates and improvements to stats, mechanics, and abilities. The patch is planned for release on Tuesday, October 4th, a date that the game's players will likely be awaiting with bated breath.

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