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Kodak's Waterproof Playfull records your pool parties in 720p, lets you relive that belly flop


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Do you like to play rough? Good, then this Kodak's for you. Up for pre-order on the imaging company's website, is an update to the Playfull we got eyes-on with at CES earlier this year -- except this handheld camera's waterproof, as well as dustproof and drop-proof (although, only "onto plywood"). The slim 720p shooter weighs in at about 85 grams and sports a 2-inch LCD display, HDMI out, pop-out USB 2.0 and an SD card slot expandable up to 32GB. Kodak's offering this pocket and pool-friendly portable in mid to late October with a premium $120 price tag set for the black version, and the white at a lesser $100. If your high-end smartphone's just not cutting the HD-recording mustard, go ahead and hit up that source link below.

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