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Phantasy Star Online 2 delayed into 2012

Jordan Mallory

Sega has announced that their upcoming return to majestic sci-fi action fantasy, Phantasy Star Online 2, has been delayed into 2012, reports Siliconera. The purpose of the delay, according to producer Satoshi Sakai, is to address gameplay issues brought to light by user feedback submitted after the conclusion of this summer's alpha testing.

A second alpha test will be conducted some time during the first part of next year; returning alpha testers will be joined by new recruits in order to evaluate the changes made based on their feedback. Delays can be a double-edged sword, but when a company specifically cites addressing user feedback as a delay's justification, that's usually a good sign.

Not that any of us will ever actually get to play it, mind you. After all, it is a Japanese exclusive.

[Thanks, Mike!]

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